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...gather together in support and fellowship

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What are we about?

Coatdyke Congregational Church is a group of ordinary people who help each other understand what it means to follow Jesus. It is a Church where you can come and belong. A place where where the Bible is taught, where we worship God together, where we pray together. A place where you can be part of a community, where people care for one another, where we share life and laughter. Whether you are local to Airdrie or Coatbridge or are just visiting we want you to know that there is a warm welcome waiting for you here.

What is our Mission Statement?

We are a family of believers who:

  • love and worship God through faith, fellowship and friendship.
  • serve one another, our local community and the wider world.
  • share the love of God and the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through compassionate action.

What makes us a Congregational Church?

For those who follow the Congregational Way, each local church is a gathered community of people who share together in Christian faith, in Christian living and in Christian mission. The Congregational Federation in Scotland is a group of 35 churches firmly rooted in Congregationalism.

The Church Meeting

The church body belong to and share a faith in God and in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. We meet not only to worship and to pray but also to plan and organise the life of our church. The church meeting, held quarterly, is a fundamental part of our church life. Church business matters are discussed in a spirit of worship and prayer and we seek the will of God for us as a church. With the guidance of the Spirit we believe God then empowers us to act on what we decide.

Ministry, Service and Leadership

Specific tasks are often delegated to particular people. We have a team of Deacons to help in the leadership of the Church and to offer spiritual guidance to our congregation. Our Minister exercises a preaching and pastoral ministry as well as leadership of the Church. The Church Secretary is more than a ‘secretarial post’, it carries with it an element of spiritual leadership too.

Core Principles of the Congregational Federation

First, we believe passionately that the Congregational Way has much to contribute to the Church of today and to the world of today. Our emphasis on the gathering together of a community of Christian believers in one local place captures the yearning people have today for community and a sense of belonging. We meet to worship God in the presence of Christ with the guidance of the Holy Spirit without the constraints of Churchian authority. This is a wonderfully exciting vision to share with people in the 21st century.

Second, we believe passionately that Christian unity must not be identified with uniformity of structure, organisation and theological statement. True unity affirms difference and rejoices in God-given diversity. This unity in diversity is the kind of unity we want to work for, the kind of unity we rejoice in.