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Why Do We Need a Constitution?

As a church we are a community of like-minded people and to help us run the church and meet our mission statement we need agreed procedures and these need to be written down. Unless they are recorded clearly people tend to forget the details and go off and do their own thing, and we need a way for newcomers to understand the guidelines that we use in our decision-making process. Our constitution is a list of agreed work practises that reflects the aims and objectives of the church and the style that we have decided to adopt to best meet the needs of our congregation.

What Does a Constitution Tell Us?

A constitution is a set of guidelines for the people who attend church and sets ground-rules on how routine decisions are to be made. A clear constitution helps everyone in the church understand how the church is managed, how matters are raised for discussion, who is empowered to make decisions and how that process works.

The church constitution is a document that is open to the public as well as our members. It helps us to understand the regulations we have in place to ensure that the church is run fairly and without individual bias and helps us avoid the potential issues that can arise where people may become overly familiar with church rules and regulations and fail to explain them in a way that we can all understand. A constitution will also help new church members to understand how the church is run, the activities it supports, its style and values, and how they can participate in the life of the church.

Is this Really What our Church is About?

A constitution does not give the church it’s heart. It cannot cement relationships or encourage faith and belief in Christianity. However, it does encourage good practice in how we come together as a community and helps us understand the direction we want our church life to take. Our church is far more than a set of paper documents - it is a living community of like-minded people working together and trusting to God’s guidance to help and support each other. However, we recognise that a formal constitution is necessary to ensure that we can all agree on what needs done, when it needs done, and how it is to be done.