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Meet our Leaders

Below, some of our church leaders help you get to know them a little. We do hope that you can come along and get to meet and chat with them. Our leaders are involved in the day-to-day running of the church and work to support, encourage and serve our congregation and beyond.

Please refer to the leader roster for a full list of our current leaders.

Our Minister, Alan Muir

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Who are you?

Hi. I'm Alan Muir, the Student Pastor of the church and otherwise known as ‘the meenister’

What is your role at Coatdyke Church?

One of the metaphors Jesus used for spiritual leadership, was that of a shepherd being a person who tends God's flock. A shepherd leads, feeds, nurtures, comforts, corrects, and protects. These responsibilities belong to every church leader and as pastor that is my role, not just in the church but also the wider community.

Please share your testimony with us.

Like many people, I was brought up in the church, taken to Sunday school, Bible Class, and Boys Brigade. I was always aware of God and later came to trust Jesus as my own personal saviour. For many years, my ministry has been in music and I became a church organist along with singing in various social clubs around the country. This gave me the opportunity to work with lots of people from diverse backgrounds which has in turn equipped me well for my role at Coatdyke.

Our Secretary, Margaret McGuinness

Photo of secretary outside airdrie church

Who are you?

I work as an office administrator, now semi-retired (and realising that the trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off!).

What are your duties at the church?

As church secretary, I oversee all activities of the church office and provide support to the minister, deacons and congregation. I liaise with both Scottish and UK-wide congregational churches, and with local churches, to provide information of news and activities through the written and spoken word.

Which of your duties do you enjoy most?

As district deacon, I particularly enjoy visiting the senior members of the congregation. Many of them have led fascinating lives and entertain with their wonderful stories. And I get to benefit from their wisdom and their valuable advice.

Our Sunday Club Deacon, Jimmy Shaw

Photo of deacon outside airdrie church

Who are you?

Now retired, I was a housing improvement investment manager and I've turned my hand to church improvements instead! I am Deacon and help look after the church grounds and assist in property maintenance.

How do you assist in the running of the Sunday Club?

I work with the Sunday Club leaders and the minister in order to assist in planning, provision of resources and problem solving. We work to ensure that the format is both fun and educational for children of all ages.

Tell us about the Link to Hope Shoebox Appeal.

We support various charities throughout the year, but we make the extra effort at Christmas to support Link to Hope and the unfortunate families in Eastern Europe who live in appalling 3rd world conditions. Each year we send over 100 shoeboxes full of gifts for the very poorest of those families.