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...gather together in support and fellowship

Photo of the coatdyke congregational church building, Airdrie


Here are the main pages of the Coatdyke Congregational Church website. Click on the quick links to each page to go directly to that page. The sitemap can be accessed from the footer of all the main pages of the site.


  • Our welcome message, Sunday Service times and selected page links.
  • Our approach to church life, community and worship.
  • A summary of our church inception, growth and affiliations.
  • Our constitution document and why we require one.
  • Details of our support for our nominated charity. Media galleries.
  • Some of our leaders give a brief interview.
  • A complete list of all leaders, their duties, a photo and a mini-profile.
  • Overview of recurring events and selected upcoming events.
  • Church calendar summarising all events and church bookings (public google calendar).
  • Overview of our Girl's Brigade Division. Media gallery and Brigader interviews.
  • Overview of the creche and Sunday Club. Teaching calendar download. Media gallery.
  • Introduction to the Women's Group. Media gallery and events listing.
  • Follow Coatdyke Congregational Academicals here via our facebook live feed.
  • Current news events. Newsletter and calendar downloads. Media galleries.
  • All older news articles and obselete web pages are accessible from here.
  • Access all photowalls, photo slideshows, audio and video content from this page.
  • Our address, directions and google map showing our location.
  • How to contact us by mobile, text or by using our on-line form.
  • Fully featured public google calendar of church events. Link to your own calendar.
  • List of noted website contributors and referenced sources.