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Photo of beetle drive in airdrie church hall Photo of beetle drive in airdrie church hall Photo of beetle drive in airdrie church hall

When Does the Women's Group Meet

The last Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm from September through to March.

About the Meetings

We have a varied programme, with speakers, crafts, food tasting, concerts and our ever popular 'beetle drives' which includes our fish supper night. Most of us are over 50 but we are certaintly not a bunch 'fuddy duddies'! We are young at heart and have an eye to the future so please come and join us. You will be made very welcome, and are sure to make new friends and to have some fun!

History of the Women's Group

From the time of Jesus' ministry, women have played an important role in the church, and it is no different here at Coatdyke. Since the church was built in 1911 there has been a group of women working to support their minister, their church and their Saviour. These women were known as 'The Guild' and met weekly in the church hall until 1989 when the 'Stewardship team' was formed as the successor to the Guild with the remit of organising social events in support of the church mission statement. In 1995 the Stewardship team was dissolved which led to the formation of the 'Women's Group' and this group plays an integral role in the church till this day.

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Events Calendar

  • 30th March: Beetle Drive
  • 27th April: Seagull Trust